Monday, May 01, 2017

Play-by-play of this crazy day

I loaded up the three oldest kids this morning around 8:20 to take them over to Grapevine for their end-of-year testing. By 9:00, I had gotten them all dropped off at the testing location and signed into their classrooms, at which point I headed over to Southlake to look for birthday party supplies and a replacement pair of travel shoes. At 11:30, I headed back to the house (in Flower Mound) to pick up Jeff and Clay, who had been working on some math lessons and playing at two different playgrounds while I was away. They were waiting for me when I pulled into the driveway and immediately hopped in the car so we could go pick up the other kids at the testing location. The last test ended around 1:30, and we headed over to Carrollton to celebrate Jeff's half-birthday at Gen Korean BBQ House, a fun Asian eatery where you can cook a variety of interesting meats and veggies at your table. We finished up our party around 4:00. Then, Jeff dropped Ruth and I off at a mall in Lewisville to do a little shopping for fancy dresses for our upcoming cruise, while he took the boys to various sports practices (in Flower Mound). Jeff picked us up around 6:30, and off we went to pick up Weston from football practice by 7:00. After that, we stopped by the house for five minutes, so Weston could shower, before making our way to the baseball field for Max's 7:45 game. We left the field at 9:30 and rushed home to get everyone to bed, because we were all completely exhausted. We put about 112 miles on the car today, without ever getting more than 20 miles from our house. I guess we could consider this a warm-up for our upcoming road trip!

Half-birthday party at Gen Korean BBQ House

Giant ice cream-filled macarons for dessert

Even ninja turtles can get tired on a day like today

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