Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another fun day in Denver

We spent another fun day in Denver, which started with a tour of the capitol building. It is a beautiful building, and we enjoyed learning about its history along with some of the history of Colorado. One interesting thing about the building was that they used copious amounts of Colorado rose onyx in the interior construction. Unfortunately, they used all of it, so now they are unable to make repairs to those parts of the building made of the material, without tearing it out and starting over with something else, which would then, of course, mean the complete loss of this beautiful stone.

Rose Onyx in the capitol building

The beautiful dome of the capitol

The senate chamber

The house chamber

View of snow-covered Mt. Evans from the capitol dome observation deck

A mile high on the capitol steps

After a picnic on the capitol lawn, we headed to the former home of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" of Titanic fame. Interestingly, she was never once called Molly during her life. That moniker was given to her when the Broadway show came out, because it was easier to say than Margaret, and it just stuck. Her home was lovely, and we enjoyed learning about the life of this firecracker of a woman.

Margaret ("Molly") and J.J. Brown's home

The boys were very excited about the polar bear rug

I thought the staircase in the Brown's house was gorgeous

Our final stop of the day was the History Colorado Center, where we only made it to one exhibit, because that one was so fun we didn't want to leave it. It was set up like an old 1920s era town in the Colorado plains. It was very interactive, with a little school, a store, a barn, and a farm house, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Practicing Morse Code

Coming down from the hayloft

Joy riding

Running the store

One of our favorite activities was putting ourselves in the school yearbook

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