Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You just never know

I have recently found out that one of my closest childhood friends, a former federal agent, has been indited and, ultimately, has plead guilty to a series of very serious crimes. And I am in shock. I have not been in contact with this person much since I was in Jr. High, but not one memory I have of him could have predicted this outcome for his life. He was a very normal, very sweet kid, and I just don't know how this could possibly have happened. I am deeply saddened by this. People are so unpredictable, and I guess you truly just never know.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day of Dates

Yesterday, Jeff's parents whisked our children off to the magical world of Pecos, where they will stay all week. No sooner had they pulled out of the driveway than Jeff and I began our dating frenzy. We had lunch at a neat little seafood place in Llano and then made our way to Marble Falls, where we went to a movie (Killers) and had a lengthy home building planning session in Home Depot. We then had dinner at a non-chain, very good Mexican food place outside of Kingsland. There was uninterrupted conversation, adult hand-holding, no spilled drinks, no crying or whining and no inconvenient potty stops. We do miss our kiddos when they are away, but we certainly enjoy the chance, every once in a while, to reconnect as a couple.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Naptime Conversation

Me: Weston, it's going to be time to take a nap in a few minutes.

Weston: But I don't want to take a nap today.

Me: Well, you didn't take a nap yesterday, so you really need one today.

Weston: How do you know?

Me: I'm just really smart.

Weston (beginning to cry): Well, so am I, but I just can't remember everything!!

They're Baaack

We picked up the boys (and all their noise) this afternoon from what must have been a wonderful "Nana Camp." When asked what they did, they both initially replied, "Nothing," so, we can't figure out why Nana looked a little tired. Later, Weston did recall a swimming trip, in which he reportedly drowned. I have to tell you, he was looking remarkably well for one who had so recently drowned. We also ultimately heard tales of a visit to the children's museum in Waco, more swimming, pizza eating, splash park playing and lots of other fun. We are so glad they got to enjoy this special time, but we are also glad to have them back with us, noise and all!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Classical Conversations

Today we visited a preview day for the Classical Conversations group in Marble Falls. This is a homeschool group that focuses on the classical model of education, which is the model we follow in our own homeschooling. The organization is not new, and is very widespread, but the group in Marble Falls is just now forming to begin in the fall. We have known a few people who have been involved with Classical Conversations and have heard good things about it, but this was our first experience with it. And, we were very impressed! It is a heavily academic-focused group, which meets once a week in age-divided classes. We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to getting more involved after we move.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just the Girls

We left the little boys at my parents' yesterday afternoon for their "Nana Camp," and girl time commenced this morning. Our first stop was Sonic, of course. Then we visited the "hometown variety store" in Kingsland, the resale shop in Granite Shoals, and finally the outlet store in Marble Falls. We bought some fun things, got some great deals and enjoyed each other very much. We had a late lunch when we got back to my in-laws' house, spent some time reading our individual books, spied a baby fox on the back porch, played a crazy game of Monopoly (in which I got creamed), and surprised a mommy fox near the BBQ deck. Our mother/daughter days are few and far between these days, and I soaked up every moment.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

With just the click of a button

Truly anything your heart desires can be found online. Here are a few things that have been ordered online at our house this week:
  • bras and panties
  • shoes
  • birthday gifts
  • a used pick-up
  • luggage
  • school books for the fall
Additionally, bills have been paid, work has been done, information has been found, games have been played, employees have been paid, communication has taken place, research has been done. All with just the click of a button. What a wonderful contraption this Internet is! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That kind of day

It was a sun dress wearing, double dentist appointment, check depositing, Sonic stopping, used pick-up buying, laundry all over the floor, Wal-Mart venturing, life jacket buying, late lunch, mall walking, birthday gift buying, hugs for no reason, coupon using, sale finding, leftover eating, peanut butter and butter sandwich, crab dying, broken plate, 24 watching, sticky floors and hands kind of day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Since last we spoke...

  • We had Ruth's final birthday party--a double party with her cousin--with my side of the family.
  • We got to have dinner with our dear cousins who we haven't seen in forever.
  • We visited the family ranch out in west Texas, where we slept in a camper, rode in a Ranger, shot at jack rabbits and cottontails, and saw a deer, a turkey and quite a few sheep.
  • We lived quite comfortably in our cabin in the Davis Mountains without air conditioning, television, internet access, laundry facilities and quite a few other modern conveniences.
  • We shopped in a small-town grocery store.
  • We delivered Jeff from a winged bug who tried to burrow into his ear in the middle of the night.
  • We finished laying the floor in our cabin.
  • We hung shelves in the closets.
  • We installed baseboards in one room and stabilized the bunk beds. (And by "we" here, I mean "Jeff").
  • We enjoyed rain on a metal roof.
  • We drove around in the mountains, in the back of a pick-up truck, looking for deer.
  • We found and reported a mountain on fire from a lightning strike.
  • We watched cattle wander through the campground and especially enjoyed all the little calves and the huge bull.
  • We tended to a sobbing, bleeding child who had almost bitten through his cheek. (And by "we" here, I mean "I").
  • We played Scrabble and Boggle for hours on end.
  • We visited with family members and old family friends.
  • We helped with some of the work projects going on at the camp.
  • We tended to a sobbing, bleeding child who cracked his head open when he fell out of a chair. (And by "we" here, I once again mean "I").
  • We shooed a tarantula off the screen door on my in-law's cabin. (And by "we," I mean "someone other than me", since I was not the least bit interested in getting close to the nasty thing).
  • We found the largest beetle that has ever lived.
  • We did some small-town shopping and got some excellent bargains. ("We" here is "Ruth and I," since the boys were neither invited on nor excited about a shopping trip).
  • We helped prepare meals in a slightly unclean, slightly hard-to-use kitchen equipped with seriously large utensils and implements.
  • We tended to my mother-in-law when she tried to cut her finger off with one of the very large knives in the afore-mentioned kitchen.
  • We saw billions of stars.
  • We bought ice cream out of a rail car, and some of us tie-dyed our clothes with it.
  • We (read "I") may have broken Jeff's pinky toe while trying to defend myself against yet another ear-burrowing bug in the middle of the night.
  • We dutifully had ice cream for breakfast in an attempt to help the ice cream guy test the new machine.
  • We spent about 10 hours in the van, making our way home from a fabulous and productive "Work Week" in the mountains.