Thursday, August 31, 2006

Little Miss Picky Pants

You all remember my bragging about Ruth's alarmingly excellent behavior last week and my claim that it probably wouldn't last? Well, usually I love to be right, but not so much this time. We've butted heads quite a few times this week, and she's had a little rebellious streak that's been kind of hard to break. In particular, she has decided this week that she is going to be a picky eater. And she made this decision with the full knowledge that that is strictly prohibited in our house. If you don't eat what's put before you at dinner, you go to bed hungry and then you get to try again at breakfast; if you don't eat it for breakfast, it shows up again at lunchtime, etc. So, this has been our week. Tonight at dinner, the same thing--even though I tried to assuage the battle by making something I knew she liked, that she picked out herself. (She is stubborn like her daddy, what can I say)?! So, after Jeff and I had finished our meals, Jeff called me into the playroom for a parent conference. "What shall we do?" "Where shall we go from here?" We have newly papered one wall in there with maps, and I have to tell you I felt like a general in a strategy meeting trying to figure out how to take over the world. We may not take control of the world, but we do fully intend to take control of one stubborn little girl. So, who's up for quesadillas for breakfast?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lonsome Dove

So, I know we're about 20 years late, but Jeff and I have spent this week--literally the whole week--watching Lonsome Dove. We laughed, we cried (o.k. so I cried) and generally enjoyed it very much. I was very bummed that Gus died, because he was definitely my favortie character. And I was very thankful that I was not around during that period of time. I would definitely have made a poor pioneer woman.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Girl's Night Out

My friend, Angela, and I had a little girl's night out tonight, and it was really great. We got pedicures, ate at Freebird's and did a little shopping--all while the Daddies entertained the kiddos.

I must tell you that I've had this little pedicure fear--really just a self-consciousness--for a few years ever since a nail tech laughed at my little pinky toes (that's right, laughed). But, I think I'm finally over that, and I may be able to visit the nail salon more often. Thanks, Angela.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Nine and Fine

Weston had his nine-month check-up today and everything looks great. He weighs 18 lbs. and 13 oz. (20th percentile) and is 28 1/2 in. tall (55th percentile). He didn't have to get any shots this time, so that was really great. The only problem he had was that something apparently stung him on his foot between the time I gave him a bath and the time I got him out of the car at the doctor's office. Dr. Ellis thought maybe it was a caterpillar based on how it looked, but I have not seen any caterpillars in my house, so I'm not sure. Basically, the whole pad of his foot has this raised, red, blisterish looking mark, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much so I guess he'll survive.

The Sky Is Falling

Oh my goodness! There is something unrecognizable falling from the sky! What can it be?! It's getting everything all wet! Oh, it's rain! What a sight for sore eyes! And the temperature is only 91! If it drops into the 80's we'll count this as our official day of Fall. When the kids wake up from their naps, we may just have to go puddle-jumping.

(I was going to post a picture so you would all believe me, but Blogger is having a bad attitude so you'll just have to take my word for it).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anniversary, Celebrated

Jeff and I officially celebrated our anniversary last night and today in Gruene, TX--just outside New Braunfels while the kids stayed with my parents. (This was Weston's first time to be with someone else overnight, and he just did fabulous)! We stayed at the Gruene Homestead Inn in this adorable cabin built for two.
We ate dinner at the Gruene River Grill, overlooking the Guadelupe River. This morning we got up and had a wonderful breakfast at our B and B, and then made our way to the river for a little float trip. We relaxed in our tubes for two hours as we slowly made our way downriver. It was beautiful and wonderful. We saw a row of turtles in every size sitting on a low tree branch over the water as well as a hawk and lots of fish.

After drying off and changing clothes, we spent several hours in historic Gruene eating lunch at the Gristmill and visiting all the neat shops. We stopped in at Buck Pottery and bought the cutest little breadwarmer in honor of our "pottery anniversary." It was a wonderful time and made us feel like we were worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

I want to report that I am making progress on Weston's scrapbook. I am just about to put in his 3-month picture, which means I'm only about 6 months behind--if you don't count all the scrapbooking I didn't do between the time Ruth was one and now. I'd say overall, I'm on the right track. Scrapbooking is just one of my favorite things and with my new desk, it is really a joy instead of a burden. If only the seelf-cleaning function on my house weren't perpetually broken, I would have a lot more time for my hobby!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's With That Girl

I don't know what's gotten into Ruth this week, but whatever it is I hope it doesn't run out. Ruth has been the model child this week. (This blog post is NOT for the grandparents who think she's always perfect)! She and I have not been crossways once this week. Every time I've asked her to do something, she has done it willingly--with a smile and a "Yes, Ma'am." She has picked up toys, she has gone down for naps without complaining, she has gone to bed without a fight, she has not even complained about not getting to do certain things that she wanted to do or having to do things she doesn't want to do, and she has been a pillar of politeness . It's been amazing. I really don't want to jinx it, but I wanted to share this wonderful blessing with everyone. Next week may be a different story, but for now I'm in parental bliss.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eight Is Great!

Today is our 8th anniversary, and I can honestly say that's it's better today than when we started! On the one hand, I can barely remember a time when Jeff wasn't in my life; but on the other hand, it seems like it was just yesterday that we joined our two lives into one. It's fun, fun, fun!

Monday, August 21, 2006

On Again...And Off Again

Negotiations for the gas station were resumed today. But, not much progress was made. It didn't take long for us to realize that we weren't really getting anywhere with these people, because they think the value of something is what you paid for it (and what you lost in it) rather than what someone is willing to pay you for it. They are still talking our offer over, but we aren't very hopeful that they will accept. We are still exploring other options, so maybe something will work out.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

On The Road Again

When Jeff and I first married, my dad used to joke that I'd married into a tribe of nomads. At least, I thought he was joking. It does sort of seem that we roam around a lot. Our latest adventure at least kept us in the state. We spent the weekend in Houston, visiting our friends, the Stevensons, and we had a wonderful time. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Hot, It's Hot, It's Hot Out Here

We're definitely not in Kansas anymore. We're smack dab in the hottest part of the Texas summer. It's been over 100 for who-knows-how-many days in a row now, and as I look at the bottom of my computer screen, I see that it's still 96 right this minute--at 9:00 pm! That's just crazy. And speaking of crazy, this heat can really make you crazy. In fact, I'm blaming at least part of my end-of-20s crisis on the weather. (On my island, the weather would always be moderate, with a nice sea breeze blowing)! Anyway, we did our best to beat the heat today by going over to the Brushy Creek Water Playscape. We met some friends there for a playdate and picnic lunch, and we really had a great time. And best of all, we were cool for a couple of hours!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I didn't have a blog entry last night. I have nothing to report from today either. I just feel sort of uninspired. I'm convinced I'm having an end-of-20s crisis, which is similar to a mid-life crisis, but is hopefully nowhere near the midpoint of my life. Jeff said he feels like he's in that boat, too. I told him I wanted to move to an island. He chuckled, even though I was being totally serious. He suggested we go out and buy a sport's car. I told him the level of frustration at having to cram two carseats into something that small just wasn't worth it. So, here we are, uninspired, in the middle of the "crisis," with no island and no sport's car and nothing to do but just get over it.

...Maybe I'll dye my hair pink and get my tongue pierced. (Just kidding, Mom)!

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's (Still) All About Me

Most of you know that birthdays in the Watts' household are not simply a one-day affair in which your age increases by one. The parties can last for weeks--sometimes even a month. So, it will come as no surprise that we had yet another birthday party for me tonight. This one at home, with just the four of us. Jeff cooked dinner--which was nice enough, but what he made was fantastic. He prepared brie cheese with wine jelly for an appetizer and then went completely overboard with lobster, twice-baked potatoes and steamed broccoli for the main course. And since calories don't count when you are celebrating a birthday, there was plenty of butter to go around. It was fabulous! Now he has gone to get me a Chai Latte from my favorite place. If this treatment keeps up, I may have to change my views on turning thirty next year!

Snaps To Whoever Picked Him

Last night Jeff said to Ruth, "I'm glad you picked me to be your Daddy!" Ruth scrunched up her face and said, "Um, Dad, I think that was Mommy...I wasn't born yet."

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Special Birthday Treat

I signed up for Cold Stone Creamery's birthday club, and today I got to enjoy a yummy treat on the house. And not only was it good, it was also really big. This is the part of birthdays I love!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Party Day

My parents hosted a wonderful birthday party for me today, and the whole family was there! Great food, great fun and great gifts! Thanks everyone for making my birthday so special! I love you all!

Friday, August 11, 2006

29...And Holding

Today is my 29th birthday, and frankly, I think that's quite enough. I love having birthdays as far as presents and cake go, but I'm not really looking forward to crossing into that group of ages that begin with a 3. But, that's a worry for another year. This year I'm still a young twenty-something with fewer gray hairs than my mom had at this age!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tropical Thursday

Papayas and mangos were on sale this week at the grocery store, so I bought up hoping that just by having them in the house we could be on a virtual island get-away, since doing the massive pile of laundry from the last vacation has really taken away some of the vacation buzz. Anyway, today I felt inspired and dared to create a Carribean feast. It worked out swimmingly--to stick with the vacation theme. We had Creamy Carribean Griled Chicken Salad for dinner and it was wonderful. I added some slivered almonds and served the salad in avocado halves, on top of a bed of lettuce and surrounded by tomatoes. Very pretty, if I do say so myself. Currently, my wonderful Sweetie is trying to figure out how to opperate the blender so he can mix us up some pina coladas, and our island vacation can go on and on--at least for another hour or so. Maybe I'll dream myself into a bronzy tan and a size 2 bikini. Aloha, everybody!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And Now You Can Mop Me Up Off The Floor

Today as I was mopping the floor, Ruth disappeared into the playroom where I thought she was entertaining Weston. The next thing I knew, I heard her saying something about organizing her kitchen. I thought that was kind of cute, becuse it sounds like something that may have come out of my mouth at one time or another. When I finished mopping, I went in to check on the kids and was amazed to find the playroom completely straightened up. Every toy was put away and in it's place. I almost fell over. I never even mentioned to her that she needed to clean up. It was a proud moment indeed!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Baby?!

He was just here, and now I can't find him anywhere! Oh wait, that looks a bit like him. But hold on...that's a little boy, and I'm looking for a baby.
It's true: Weston no longer considers himself a baby, even though that's still how I have him pictured in my mind. Today he walked with a push-toy and went up the stairs pretty much on his own. He is bored with crawling and is just on the cusp of cruising. He weaned himself over a week ago, had a sampling of enchiladas, and now won't even consider eating something that comes from a jar (which is amazing and somewhat difficult for a man with no teeth)! He's had so many milestones in the last month--even in the last two weeks! He's just growing up so fast! Fortunately, he just keeps getting cuter and more fun.

Thank You, Blogger

Blogger has decided to let me upload pictures today, so here are some from our trip. I must say, I wish I was still there!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hard to Come Down From The Mountain

We reluctantly made our way back from the Davis Mountains last night. It was a wonderful trip. Very cool and rainy--not at all like home. We were able to get some work done on our cabin and enjoy some time with family and friends. We're finding it very difficult to get back into the groove here in Austin, but I'm sure as the week progresses we'll settle back into the routine. I tried to post some pictures, but Blogger and I aren't seeing eye-to-eye on that, so pictures will have to come another time.