Thursday, May 25, 2017

From Denver to Boulder and back again

Our day started around 5:30 this morning, because we really wanted to visit the Mint, and we had heard that you pretty much had to be in line by 6:30 to have any realistic chance of getting tickets for any of the day's free tours. As luck would have it, we did get tickets for the 8:00 tour, and by the time we were done around 9, the ticket office only had a few more tickets available for the last tour of the day, which was to start at 3:30. It was a fascinating tour and a nice complement to our recent tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Ft. Worth.

Early birds at the Denver Mint

In order to make the idea of getting up so early more palatable to the kids, we promised them we would take them out for breakfast. And we made good on that after the tour by taking them over to Dozens.


Most important meal of the day

After breakfast, we drove over to Boulder to take a tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory. We were able to go out on the factory floor and get very close to all the machinery, which was really interesting to see. We also thoroughly enjoyed the tasting room! But the best part of the tour was the smell! Heavenly fragrances wafted up from every corner of the property, both inside and outside.

Celestial Seasonings

Clay with the iconic Sleepytime Bear

Enjoying a cozy seat

The tasting room

When we were finally able to pull ourselves away, we drove over to the Scott Carpenter Park, so the boys could burn off some energy on the playground, while the rest of us either napped or just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Having a blast at the park

View of The Flatirons from Scott Carpenter Park

Finally, we headed back over to Denver for an early birthday celebration for Ruth, which started with dinner at The Populist and ended with rolled ice cream from Chaos and Cream. We also managed to toast National Wine Day in the process. It was a full and fun day, and we loved every minute!

Dinner at The Populist

Seared Scallops

Cheers to National Wine Day!

Rolled ice cream for the birthday girl

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