Thursday, May 11, 2017

Six Flags and Oklahoma

Today was homeschool day at Six Flags, and we've had our tickets for probably more than a month and have been eagerly anticipating the day. It was great to be there on a day when it wasn't too hot and when the lines were much shorter than normal. We barely saw the three oldest kids all day, as they were off riding one thrilling ride after another. Jeff and I spent most of our time with Clay near the huge playground and the smaller rides, which he was tickled he was big enough to ride all by himself. He did manage to ride a few of the bigger rides with his siblings and us.

Three Watts in a car built for two.

Clay finally allowed me to ride one with him!

Making new friends and having a blast

Clay's first solo ride

Hands up the whole time

When the park closed, we made a run for the border, so we could have dinner and bed down for the night in OK, our first state of our multi-state summer tour.

Dinner in OK

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