Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Three States

Our stop in WI was brief but nice. We stayed at a city campground in River Falls, which was connected to to a fantastic playground. Our first order of business this morning was to visit Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery and purchase some cheese and cheese curds.

When in Wisconsin...

Then, we headed back into MN to visit the Mall of America and grab a "Jucy Lucy" (not a typo) at Matt's bar for lunch. After lunch, we continued on our way to see the much anticipated "biggest ball of twine in Minnesota." Thank you, Weird Al, for the tip. The one disappointment with the latter for some of our group was that we were unable to find some pickled weiners along the way, though we did give it our best shot.

The Lego Store at the Mall of America was a huge hit!

The kids held Jeff to his promise to ride a ride.

Clay wanted to ride with the big kids but
quickly lost his happy face on this one.

This was a little more Clay's speed

Big swings are always fun

The food to try in MN: The Jucy Lucy

The biggest ball of twine in Minnesota

The goal was to get to ND by the end of the day, so we could check that state off our list. We have a personal rule not to check a new place off our list unless we have an experience--a meal, an activity, an attraction--there. I wasn't expecting our activity for ND to be laundry, but when undies start to become sparse, that's the activity the takes priority. We did also work in dinner in the state as well, before moving on to SD, so it wasn't all business.

Road trip win: A laundromat directly across the
street from an awesome park and playground!

Doc's Pub and Eatery operates out of the bottom
floor of a disused church in Hankinson, ND

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