Monday, May 22, 2017

Beer, Bob's, Bill, and a Big Boo-boo

We made the short drive to Colorado this morning, and our first stop was Golden, home of the Coors Brewery, which is the largest single-site brewery in the world. It was fascinating to behold the massive manufacturing facility and to see some of the machinery at work. It was a family-friendly tour, with age-appropriate samples at the end.

Coors Brewery

The malting room was a feast for the senses

One of the brewery's science labs

Watching 12 and 18-packs coming off the line


After the tour, we grabbed a late but delicious lunch at Bob's Atomic Burger, a local burger joint occupying the back end of a liquor store.

Beating a path to Bob's

Nothing but delicious

From there, we headed up to Lookout Mountain, the final resting place of Buffalo Bill Cody and home to a museum honoring his life's work. It is also a lovely perch from which to view Denver and the surrounding area.

The graves of Buffalo Bills and his wife

Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley

Cowboy Clay rides again

Weston tries his hand at roping

A teepee for two

View of Denver from lookout Mountain

Well, I had this post all typed out and ready to publish, thinking all our adventures we're over for the day. But then Weston came back from the shower, with a story of slippage and a major gash in his hand. We quickly determined that it was going to require more than a Band-aid, so Jeff called an Uber and took Weston to the nearest urgent care facility, where he received four stitches. Now, I think our adventures are truly over for the day.

He survived and will have the scar to prove it

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