Thursday, May 18, 2017

More fun in South Dakota

There is so much to see and do in South Dakota, and it is so beautiful, despite being near freezing  (literally) in the middle of May. This morning, we got to explore Jewel Cave, which was quite a treat. In the afternoon, we visited the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, which was lovely and made one member of our group especially happy. After that, we headed back to Mt. Rushmore hoping for better visibility than what we had yesterday, and we got it. Apparently we got very lucky, because we heard that there was absolutely no visibility this morning and that some people waited for around four hours and still didn't even catch a glimpse of the stone-faced presidents. By the time we were finished up there, we were all starving, so we headed into Keystone to grab an early dinner at The Powder House Restaurant. Every single thing was so delicious! On the way through the little town, we found out one of the hotels had an indoor heated pool and a hot tub, and since we had not yet planned a stop for the night, our cold bodies yelled, "Do it!" So, that's how we found ourselves frolicking in a pool until almost 10 pm and bedding down in hotel beds at the Mt Rushmore White House Resort (which sounds much fancier than it actually is).

Eager to go into the cave
(Partly because, at 49 degrees, it was warmer than outside)

Jewel Cave

This formation is called "bacon,"
and this particular one is over 20 ft. long

Being a stalagmite

Why do we explore

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

The newest member of the herd, at only three days old.

The Sanctuary is absolutely beautiful!

Most of the horses were too skittish to get close,
but a few of them were curious and brave.

Mt.  Rushmore. Check.

Just chilling with some famous presidents

Weston was so hungry, he ordered a whole cow for dinner!

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