Sunday, May 21, 2017

And now we're in Wyoming

We drove all morning through snow covered landscapes and had to keep reminding ourselves that it's the middle of May. We stopped in Scottsbluff, Nebraska for lunch at a cute little place called The Tangled Tumbleweed that serves only small plate dishes. We sampled lots of items from the menu and had a wonderful time.

After lunch, we drove through more snow covered landscapes, and we ultimately ended up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We popped in to the Children's Village, a section of the botanical garden for younger visitors and found many entertaining things to do, even though most of the plants were covered with snow.

After that, we walked over to the Old West Museum, where we got to learn about the history of the Cheyenne Frontier Days, see an impressive collection of old buggies, carts, wagons, and stagecoaches, and play with all kinds of fun stuff in the kid's area.

Finally, we got to what the boys had been most interested in doing all day: a snowball fight at the playground. Now, our kids have seen snow plenty of times, but you would not have thought so to see them. They were just plain silly about it, but they did have a fantastic time!

The Tangled Tumbleweed

At this moment in the trip, the boys simultaneously exclaimed, "Ah! This is paradise!" And at that moment, I began to wonder if these were even my children.

Crossing the pond in Children's Village

Snow + Teepee = Big Fun

Rock Checkers

Making Music

Old West Museum

One boot requires only one foot

A precursor to the vehicle that brought us here

Cowboy Clay


Best summer vacation ever!

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