Friday, May 12, 2017

Breakfast in Arkansas, Dinner in Missouri

We got a nice early start leaving OK this morning and drove through the rain for a couple of hours until we got to Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville, AR, where we stopped for a delicious breakfast. The menu offered traditional homemade Southern favorites and a few surprises, like biscuits covered in chocolate gravy, which we had to try. The dish was essentially homemade biscuits topped with homemade chocolate pie filling, and, while it was tasty, it was a bit too rich and sweet for most of our group.

Granny's Kitchen

After breakfast, we drove through the rain for another hour and a half to our destination: Branson, MO. We arrived at our campground early, but they had our spot ready and allowed us to go ahead and check in. We were all desperate for a shower, since we had missed the last couple of rounds, due to unusual travel circumstances, and we all felt more alive and ready to explore when that little bit of business was taken care of. Plus, we were really ready to stretch our legs, and the rain had stopped, so we set off on foot to see what the town of Branson had to offer. I can tell you, it has plenty to offer, and each attraction is a little more wacky than the last. Our wanderings brought us through the kitschy town and dumped us out at Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area, where we got to experience a beautiful hike. It was my favorite part of the day! Our eventual goal was to make it over to the Dixie Stampede dinner show. Everything, from visiting the stables, to the bluegrass band pre-show, to the amazing horse riding, to the dorky humor, to the efficient food service, was so much fun! We loved every minute! Afterwards, we walked the two miles back to our campground and settled in for some playground time and a mean game of Skip Bo before bed.

Kitschy Branson

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

The Dixie Stampede

Skip Bo

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