Saturday, March 07, 2015

Winner, Winner

I'm taking a break from my packing series, in order to brag on my boy, Weston, who competed in his district PSIA meet today. He had three contests to compete in: Storytelling, Spelling and Math. He did not place in Spelling or Math, but he worked so hard and improved so much this year in both subjects that he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. In Storytelling, Weston brought home the blue ribbon and advanced to State! The Storytelling contest is a two-step contest, with Prelims and Finals, and then, only the first place winner in the Finals advances to state, so it's all the more special. Weston has been dreaming of going to State and has been working toward that goal for the last couple of years, so we are all beyond thrilled for him and oh so proud!


  1. Oh, that's so great! Congratulations Weston! This reminds me of a story. ;)


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