Saturday, March 14, 2015

Family, Food and Fun: A Road Trip

Eventually, I will finish my packing series, but it's not going to be today. This week was crazy and left me little time to even think about blogging, much less to actually do it, and we had a road trip I want to report on. I know you're on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what else is in my bag, but you'll just have to wait. :)

Mimi invited the kids who were eligible and interested to participate in a mud run this weekend in Houston, so Weston and Max took her up on it, and the rest of us came along just for fun. Besides the mud run, we also ate some great food at some really neat places, played in the (outdoor and unheated) hotel pool (because, you know, it was the first sunny day in weeks, and the kids simply couldn't resist, even though the sun was no longer shining and the temperature had gone down with the sun), acted silly, and celebrated the most epic Pi Day of the century (literally).

No road trip to Houston is complete without a stop at Buc-ee's,
and our little statue lover cannot ever pass up a photo op with Buc-ee himself.

Dinner at Mia Bella in Vintage Park

Swimming at The Element--and warming up at the fire pit shortly thereafter

Racing with Mimi:
Up top, L to R: taking off, entering the obstacle course, race fans
Bottom: Before, After, Way After

Mud + Running = One Happy Boy

Weston's highlight reel

We enjoyed the gorgeous day with lunch at The Shack.

One of the most important things we needed to do today
was to celebrate this very special Pi Day.
After other plans were thwarted,
we very fortunately found ourselves at Bever's Kitchen in Chappell Hill.

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