Thursday, March 05, 2015

Around the World in a Carry-On Bag: Bottoms

Today we continue our journey through my carry-on bag, with a look at bottoms. We have already seen the containers, the footwear, and the tops. The bottoms were, to me, some of the easiest things to decide on, and there have not been many changes to these pieces since we started experimenting with this whole concept. That is a huge blessing, because so many of the other contents of the bag took a great deal of deliberating.

From left to right:

Eddie Bauer Horizon Roll-Up Pants--I LOVE these pants! They are comfortable, functional, and, in my opinion, quite stylish. They roll up to a capri length, have tons of pockets (many of which are zippered), dry very quickly, and can be worn in dressier situations as well as just casually. They are pants I would wear even if I wasn't traveling.

REI Sahara Roll-Up Pants--These admittedly scream "foreign tourist," but I included them anyway, because they are just super practical. They roll up to two different lengths for warmer weather but are a little heavier weight than the Eddie Bauer pants and, when layered over the tights, will make great ski pants.

Rohan Travel Jeans--I really wanted a pair of regular jeans, but we all know denim takes forever and a day to dry and is heavy and bulky to pack, making it far from an ideal choice for minimalistic packing. This seems like something the travel clothes industry would have thought of and found a solution for, but they, for the most part, seem content to continuing producing the same old touristy looking travel pants, and, apparently, the consumers are not rioting about this and are just as content to continue wearing the touristy looking stuff. (See the previous item, if you need confirmation on that!) Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered UK based Rohan and their technical jeans. They look like regular jeans, but they are lightweight and quick-drying, and even have a hidden pocket (which you already know I'm a sucker for).

MHOC Fleece Lined Tights--These are super-comfy and can be worn alone, with a long top, or layered under pants and skirts for warmth. They are also great for sleeping in on chilly nights.

Minus 33 Merino Tights--Yes, I know, two pairs of tights seems excessive, but you'll remember that one of my goals is to stay warm (think Russian train in Feb.), so two pair seemed about right. These are much thicker than the other pair and more utilitarian.

Lole Movement Shorts--These shorts are probably one of the most comfortable articles of clothing I own, period.

Lole Sprint Skort--After falling in love with the shorts, I decided to add the skort, as well. This will double as the bottom half of my swimsuit while we're traveling.

Exofficio Go-To Convertible Maxi Skirt--Minimalistic packing has made me appreciate convertible and multi-functional clothing in a new way. The last two pictures show the same article of clothing in its two different forms. It's another thing I would wear even if I weren't traveling. It's very comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

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