Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Around the World in a Carry-On Bag: Electronics

Today, as I continue my packing series, I'm featuring electronics.This isn't a terribly exciting thing to write about, but this techy gear is certainly necessary for the kind of trip we're taking. Again, I'm only showcasing what I'm carrying in my bag, but each person's bag has its equivalents. The kids each have a device (iPad, Kindle or phone), which contains all of their school books, pleasure reading and video games. The older kids also all have a camera. If you're just getting in on the series, you can see the other contents of my bag here, here, here, here, here and here

MacBook Air + charger--I have been using the Air for many years now, and I just love how compact, lightweight and functional it is. This little device is such a part of my daily life, I couldn't think of leaving home without it.

Canon Powershot SX280 HS Camera + charger--I love my Canon Powershot, because it is compact enough to put in my pocket, but it takes some of the best pictures of any camera I've ever owned. And, with a 20x optical zoom, I don't have to worry too much about missing an awesome shot just because the subject is a long ways off.

OnePlus One Phone + charger--I have only had this phone a few months, but, so far, I am enjoying it very much. I will not be using it much as a phone when we're traveling, but it will function as my reader, my journal, my alarm clock, my entertainment and so much more.

Road Warrior Ultra Thin Universal Power Strip--A universal power adapter with three outlets seems like a pretty useful travel companion to me.

Anker 5 port USB Charger--With all our devices, we needed a compact way to be able to charge lots of things at once. This is the perfect solution.

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