Sunday, March 08, 2015

Remember The Alamo! Viva la comida Mexicana!

After Weston's contest in New Braunfels yesterday, we headed over to San Antonio for the night--for Mexican food and a history lesson. We had dinner at Guajillo's, a restaurant serving delicious interior Mexican food, which became a favorite for the kids and I when we were there for SAT-10 testing last year. Jeff didn't make it that time, so he has been hearing us talk about it for almost a year and just couldn't take it any more. I don't think we oversold it, as he seemed to enjoy every bite he put in his mouth.

This morning, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at our hotel and then made our way to The Alamo, for the culmination of our recent Texas history lessons. Though the weather threatened to fall apart on us, it actually held out, and we were able to take the full, fascinating tour of the old mission. Afterward, we went over to the River Center mall to see the IMAX Alamo movie, which Clay thought was "not very kind, because they were shooting the guys," but which everyone else seemed to enjoy. I've seen it multiple times, but it never fails to give me chills. When the movie was over, we dined at Maria Mia, on the river, which was a new place for us, and which we thought was wonderful.

The weather wasn't terribly spring-like, but the flora wasn't fooled.

Alamo papaya tree

The boys, reading about some of the heroes of The Alamo.

manning the cannon

big, bad cannon

Team Texian

los padres

counted among the heroes

more cannon fun

coon skin caps

the boy who loves statues
(though he was hesitant to pose with a Mexican soldier)

giant lemons overhanging the river

One of the highlights of the day was seeing this mama and her babies.
(Clay would not rest easy, though, until we found the daddy further down the river.)

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