Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Around the World in a Carry-On Bag: Tops

This is the third post in this series. Check out the previous two posts here and here

Let me start by stating that I probably have twice as many tops in my bag as a true minimalistic packer would normally have. I have gone back and forth with myself about this, but I know myself, and so I finally decided I was willing to take up a bit more space and add a little more weight for two important reasons: 1. I DO NOT want to be cold, so I'm trying to give myself the best chance possible of staying warm, and 2. I have a tendency to become bored with wardrobe choices, even with a closetful of clothes, so I wanted as many options as possible. I realize this second reason just makes me sound like a spoiled brat, but I'm just being honest here. All the tops are made of quick-drying material and can be layered with the other pieces, as necessary. 

From left to right:

Black Cami--This is perfect for sleeping in, layering and even wearing alone if temps climb very high.

Lucy Heart Center Yoga Cami--This one does double-duty as a regular top and a swim top.

Exofficio Short Sleeve Tee--I think this one is comfy and cute.

Banana Republic Tee--I've had this tee in my closet for years. It's one of those old standbys that just feels good on and is very versatile.

Icebreaker Short Sleeve Sundew Scoop--Another comfy t-shirt, with a splash of fun on the side.

Exoffico Shirtigan--I love this top, and it's probably one of the most versatile pieces I'm taking. It can be worn with the sleeves long or rolled up to 3/4 length, and it can act as a shirt or a light jacket. Plus, it has a hidden pocket, which is just kind of fun.

Icebreaker Siren Long Sleeve Top--This is one of my cold combatants, which can be worn alone or easily layered under something else.

Eddie Bauer Reversible Sweatshirt--This is a recent addition. I just couldn't resist the warmth and reversibility. Two shirts in one? Heck yeah!

Icebreaker Long Sleeve Ariana Sweater--I love how cozy and lightweight this sweater is and that it can be worn with either the scoop neck or v-neck in the front.

Danskin Now Long Sleeve Tee--Another recent addition, perfect for layering.

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