Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here a field trip, there a field trip

Yesterday, Ruth got to tour the capitol building and visit with Texas Supreme Court Justice, Jeff Boyd, with her Challenge B class. I was not able to attend the filed trip, but by all accounts, it was really a great day for the kids, who are preparing for their Mock Trial competition at the end of the semester and are learning so much about official court proceedings.

Today, the boys and I joined a number of other CC families at the new Science Mill in Johnson City, for a wonderful day of hands-on learning. We had an official tour, delved into several different scientific disciplines in the lab, and then spent a significant amount of time just exploring and learning and having a ball. I loved the way the exhibits were set up to be enjoyed by younger kids, "just for fun," as well as older kids, at a deeper level, and I appreciated the overall focus of higher education and career paths displayed by the staff. What an asset to the Hill Country, and what a fantastic way to encourage children to pursue scientific endeavors!

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