Monday, March 23, 2015

Watta JJ

Clay has a special friend that none of the rest of us can see, but that we hear about constantly. Her name is Watta JJ, and she lives in an orange barn that is made entirely out of chocolate, just down the way. She is three and has a teeny tiny (Clay's arms stretched only as wide as his chest), seven-year-old brother, named Spoon Hedgehog. It is truly amazing all the things Clay and Watta JJ do together and all of the things that are allowed at her house that are not allowed at ours. In her backyard, there is a pile of snakes that you can pet, if the spiders don't eat them first. Clay likes to play at her house when her parents aren't home, so the two of them can steal candy. She has taught him so many truly useful things--like songs and letters and numbers. But, she also encourages him to watch movies that his older siblings are allowed to watch, that he is not yet old enough to see. She hasn't been to our house yet, but Clay is pretty sure she is on her way, as we speak. But, even if she never makes it, it will be okay, because Clay can talk to her on his "little phone." Watta JJ is truly a good friend, and it's so fun to watch Clay's eyes light up when he talks about her. And, he does talk about her. Non-stop. It reminds me of Ruth's "sister" Callie, from so many years ago.

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