Thursday, March 19, 2015


Years ago, maybe when Ruth was around 6, we were visiting my parents, who decided to take us to see a little show for kids. It turned out to be Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist. We instantly fell in love with every silly, but educational, song he sang and bought a CD at the end of the show. To say we played it millions of times doesn't seem to be an exaggeration. We literally played it until it broke. So, a couple of years ago, we were thrilled to hear that Lucas Miller was coming to our very own library. We went to the show, bought the same CD again, and continued to enjoy his music until we, once again, wore the CD out. Today, he was back in Marble Falls, and, though Ruth and Weston were tied up, the little boys and I were able to make the show. Before he started singing, Mr. Miller chatted with the eager audience and asked if anyone had seen a show before and if anyone had any requests. My boys were on the front row, and their hands shot straight up. Max put in his request, which seemed to surprise the entertainer, so he asked where Max had heard that song. I then explained that we were sort of groupies and that we had listened to the CDs more times than we could count--even to the point of breakage. He and I bantered back and forth for a while, joking about super-fans and giving the audience a sales plug, and after a while, he said, with a *wink, wink,* that he was going to have my $20 at his table after the show. Everyone laughed at this, and then he continued setting up his props. After a short while, he came over and offered me a new CD, which we didn't already have. The boys (and I) were so excited! His songs are so entertaining and very smart. If you have kids or if you just like nature, science or cleverness in action, check out his You Tube channel.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the nice post! It's fans like you that allow me to keep on taking my program around the state and beyond so please know that I don't take it for granted. I'm glad y'all are enjoying the "new" CD--that's from 15 years ago but, these days, I usually just carry my greatest hits CD, "I Love Earth." I have two other discs with about 9-10 more songs that will be new to you available at And, as I said, you'll generally hear new tunes first on YouTube and/or my Facebook page, A big "howdy" to your family!


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