Monday, July 24, 2017

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

On Friday, we toured the Mud Volcano area of Yellowstone and then took our longest family hike to date, which was 7 miles round trip. It was a beautiful hike that led us along the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and rewarded us when we arrived at Artist Point (our turn around point) with a spectacular view of the Lower Falls. Afterward, we drove over to the brink of Upper Falls and then grabbed some lunch in Canyon Village before heading back to our campground.

Mud Volcano used to shoot many feet in the air
but now just simmers rather quietly.

Our favorite feature in the Mud Volcano area was
 Dragon's Mouth, which roared and belched steam,
just as if a dragon really lurked behind the rocks.

Where the kids and the buffalo roam

Clear Lake

Lily Pond Lake

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Lower Falls

So proud of us for our long hike!

The Brink of Upper Falls

The traffic can get a little hairy in Yellowstone

Silly park rangers

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