Thursday, July 27, 2017


We left Park City this morning and headed to Moab, the last stop of our Epic Summer Road Trip. We are breaking with our camping ways, sort of as a last hurrah, and are staying in a very nice condo here. The boys were quick to find the amenities and spent some time playing on the playground and swimming in the pool this afternoon. Later, we had dinner at Zax, before heading over to the Moab Backyard Theater for a magic show. Everyone got to participate in various tricks, and we all had a great time!

Cannonball King

Little bitty cannonball

Always adding his own style

View from the pool

The obvious thing to do at a restaurant
that gives you bandanas for napkins

Stunned cowboy at the
Backyard Theater

Crazy Cowboy

Funny. There wasn't a hole in
Clay's shirt before.

The Max Trick

Just after the magician sarcasticly said,
"Don't feel bad about messing up the trick.
It's really my fault since I asked you to come up here."

"Throw the cards in the air."

Even Dad got some stage time

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