Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth Fun

We have had so much fun celebrating the birth of our nation in Talkeetna, Alaska. We attended the small-town parade and then grabbed some grub at Twister Creek Restaurant/Denali Brewing Company. After lunch, we walked the few blocks through town to the Susitna River, and the boys jumped into a soccer game with some other kiddos. Then we walked back to our RV park on the other end of town and spent the rest of the afternoon reading, napping, and playing at the playground. Later, we grilled salmon and did poppers and small fireworks while it was still bright daylight outside (at 10 pm), because the sun doesn't set here at this time of year until around midnight. The boys were in favor of waiting until 2:00 am for a little more darkness, but since we need to leave early tomorrow morning, we vetoed that idea.

Go Kiss a Moose

Cute little sled dog team

Waiting for the parade to begin

Flags and Antlers

Patriotic Boys

A sight we've never seen in a 4th of July parade

Balloons and buggies

My favorite parade sign

"Moose on Parade"
Mooski Brewski was our favorite!

Susitna River

Horsing around

Salmon dinner

Poppers at 10 pm

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