Thursday, July 27, 2017

Park City

We spent the morning enjoying the playground and rec room at our campground. Then we went into Park City around lunch time and dined at Sammy's Bistro, which was fantastic. After lunch, we headed out to the Olympic Park for a look around. If you are unfamiliar, during the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics, the indoor events were held in SLC at The Oval (where we had our curling lesson last night), and the outdoor events were held in Park City at The Park. Many athletes of all levels still train at these facilities, and there are many diversions for tourists to spend their money on as well. We stuck to the free entertainment of playing on the playground and watching skiers and snowboarders coming off the ski jumps. It is really something to see winter sports being performed in the very real heat of summer! The facility was also preparing for a rock wall climbing competition that starts tomorrow, so we got to watch a few of those guys practicing as well.

They weren't using the pool jumps today
because they were getting ready
 for the climbing competition.

A boy and his statues

The big ski jumps

Two of the large jump hills were
being used by tubing tourists

Building potential Olympic skills

A jumper, just above the Olympic symbol
(You can actually see his shadow, to the
left of the rings, better than you can see him.)

A skier practicing flips into
a huge inflatable ramp

Just hanging out

What goes up, must come down!

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