Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Salt Lake City

We spent the afternoon and evening in Salt Lake City and had a great time. We started with lunch at Crown Burger, which is credited with being the originator of the must-eat food for Utah, the pastrami burger, from our list of what to eat in every state. Then, we walked over to Temple Square and took a look at the impressive Mormon Tabernacle. After that, we drove out to Antelope Island for a close up view (and smell!) of the Great Salt Lake and Garr Ranch. Finally, we headed back into the city, to the Olympic training center, for our curling lesson, which was such a blast! They didn't ask is to join the Olympic team on the spot, but we're expecting a call just any time.

Home of the original pastrami burger

The Mormon Tabernacle

The Great Salt Lake

The black line along the edge of the water
is brine flies, which is one of the few species
that can survive in the lake. They flew up in a
wave as we approached the water
and effectively kept us away.

Bison are frequent visitors to the salt
flats left when the water evaporates.

This chair at Garr Ranch made
my big girl look small.

Horses at Garr Ranch

Looking across the lake toward the city

Ready to deliver the stone

The art of curling

Curling is Jeff's all-time favorite
winter Olympic sport, so he was
thrilled to have the opportunity
to attend a lesson at Utah's Oval,
using actual Olympic stones.

Demonstrating the
 "Super Man" technique.

Jeff delivers while the boys sweep

Ready for the Olympics

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