Monday, July 24, 2017

Hiking in Yellowstone

We enjoyed our hike on Friday so much, we decided to fill up Saturday with several shorter hikes. We started with a lovely 2.4 mile hike to Natural Bridge. Then we did the very easy one mile hike at Pelican Creek. After that, we decided to take a break at Yellowstone Lake Lodge, where we had a delicious lunch, watched a sweet mama mule deer and her fawn, and played a board game. In the afternoon, we explored the 2.3 mile Storm Point Loop, where we enjoyed watching the cute little marmots, skipping rocks on a beach of Yellowstone Lake, and climbing out on Storm Point, overlooking the lake. We also loved how the trail took us through open meadows, thick forests, and along the cliffs above the lake. We have discovered that hiking is an activity that all our people enjoy and that is something we can all easily do together. Family bonding plus exercise plus fresh air for the win!

Natural Bridge

Hiking buddies

Mule deer mama and fawn

Lobster sliders and fancy fries

A view of Yellowstone Lake from the Pelican Creek Trail


Reward for the first half of the Storm Point Trail

The rare beach rhino, which we haven't
seen since we were in Scotland

Boys and rocks go well together

Storm Point

A gigantic wish

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