Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Alaska Highway

Yesterday we took to the road for some long, but scenic, driving days along the Alaska Highway, which runs from Fairbanks, AK to Dawson Creek, BC. We don't have any activities planned, except wildlife viewing from the van, and the road itself, which can be a bit like a roller coaster at times. We don't exactly know where we will end up each day and have made no reservations anywhere, though the choices are fairly limited in this vast wilderness. We crossed into Canada yesterday afternoon and ended up at an RV park in Beaver Creek, just across the border. Before leaving Alaska, we saw our first animal: a moose, munching on the grass beside the road. Today, we saw a grizzly bear, two black bears, a couple of deer, and countless prairie dogs and jackrabbits, all right beside the highway. We have stopped for the night in Whitehorse, where we celebrated Max's half-birthday a few days early, because he wanted to go to a conveyor belt sushi place, and they happen to have one here. We also took some time to stretch our legs at the lovely little park in town next to the Yukon River.

Munching moose

Piggy back rides

Hello, Mr. Grizzly!

Breathtaking views. All. Day. Long.

Curious black bear

Half-birthday party

The Yukon River

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