Thursday, July 06, 2017

Denali and The Midnight Sun

We paid a visit to Denali National Park this morning, with hopes of seeing the tallest mountain in North America. However, since only about 30% of park visitors do see it, we weren't too surprised to find it shrouded in heavy cloud cover. Still, the park was beautiful and we enjoyed the little mountain scavenger hunt (asking over and over rather foolishly, "Do you think that could be it?") and the sled dog kennel. When we finally found the sign explaining where the mountain should be and took our token selfie, we moved on down the road with no regrets. We've learned that we can control a lot of things when we travel, but the weather isn't one of them.

Fun at the Denali Visitor Center

Making friends with Resting Grizzly

Following the tracks

Loving on one of the sled dogs

The hunt for Denali

Not Denali

Not Denali

Not Denali

Where Denali should be

Our next stop was Fairbanks, Land of the Midnight Sun. Really, it should be Land of the All Night Sun, as the sunrise for tomorrow is predicted to be at 3:25 am and the sunset at 12:27 am. It is a crazy thing and seriously messes with your mind. We find we've lost our cues on when to eat and when to sleep and when to play at the playground, which is why my kids are careening down slides, waiting to actually see the midnight sun, as I type this at 11:15.

Playing at the Chena River
near our campground

Lucky Ducks in Fairbanks

Playground fun in the 11 o'clock hour

The Midnight Sun

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