Monday, July 24, 2017

Cody, WY

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks have many wonderful features, but strong, consistent internet connectivity is not one. So, the next few posts will cover our last few days, if you are interested in seeing what we've been up to.

On Thursday, we left Yellowstone for a day trip to Cody, WY. Max had read about Old Trail Town in his Spelling book and was eager to pay a visit to the little historic town, which had been conceived of by Wild Bill Cody, for whom the town of Cody was named. It was interesting to see an example of an Old West town, but before too long, the heat of the day encouraged us to move on to cooler activities, like lunch at Proud Cut Saloon, followed by ice cream treats at Annie's Soda Saloon.

Max was proud to have discovered Old Trail Town for us.

Old Trail Town

Pile of antlers, you know, like you see in the Old West

A couple of cowboys practicing roping

Mmm. Ribs.

Sharing a special treat at Annie's

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