Friday, April 29, 2016

International Antarctic Centre

With this trip and the time we spent in Brazil eight years ago, we have visited six of the seven continents. We don't currently have any plans to visit Antarctica, but we found a way to have a somewhat simulated experience here in New Zealand, at the International Antarctic Centre. We got to take a ride on a Hagglund, experience the wind and cold of a mild antarctic storm, love on some huskies, watch the feeding of the Little Blue Penguins, view a 4D movie, and learn about some of the scientific work and living conditions at some of the bases in Antarctica. It was such a fun experience, and it will definitely stand in nicely until such a time as we become brave or crazy enough to venture to the last continent on our list.

The Hagglund was originally developed as a Swedish military vehicle
but is well situated for the rugged and frozen terrain in Antarctica and has
become the vehicle of choice on that frozen continent.

Buckled up and holding on for the wild ride

We had a lot of laughs as we bumped along through the Hagglund course

Perhaps the centre is looking for a new Hagglund driver

The Antarctic Challenge:
Who can leave their hand in the icy water for a whole minute?

Bundled up against the imminent storm

Clay was eager to take shelter in the igloo before the storm hit

Conditions in the storm room during the peak of the man-made storm
(It is my understanding that this represents a pretty mild storm,
and I'm absolutely certain I don't want to experience a real one!)

It was hard to tell Clay and the Emperor Penguin apart

The Penguinery with rescued Little Blue Penguins, who are natives of NZ

Watching a video in the penguin playroom

Arya was so sweet, and the kids loved loving on her and her pack

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