Monday, April 25, 2016


Today is ANZAC Day in Australia, which is similar to the Veteran's Day in the U.S. The parades began at 3:30 am, right outside our hotel, and continued all day long. We did not make it down for the any of the early morning parades, but when we were finally ready to leave the hotel, we came out to street level just as a bagpipe band was making it's way up the street. We spent most of the rest of this gorgeous day at a wonderful playground in Darling Quarter, near Darling Harbor, playing with all the children in the area who were enjoying one last day of school holidays. When we were ready to leave, we stopped by a hilarious art exhibition, depicting real signage from around the world, along with some side-splitting commentary.  We ended up having dinner at a place on Darling Harbor, where we enjoyed sitting outside, taking in the loveliness of the harbor after dark, and eating some truly delicious food, including kangaroo steak. After diner, we slipped over to the Lindt Cafe for a divine salted caramel milkshake.

ANZAC Day Parade

Up and up and up

A tangled web

If you ever want to know where this one is, just look up!

We spent at least half an hour chuckling out loud while reading these
(and many other) signs and the accompanying commentary,
which I realize is probably too small for you to enjoy.
But, trust me, it's comedy gold!

Beautiful Darling Harbor

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