Saturday, April 09, 2016

Aussie Rules Football and Other Fun

We moved from Ballarat to Melbourne today, and one of the first things we did was to attend an Australian Rules Football game. It was kind of like watching all the sports at once--only much rougher than all of them combined (with perhaps the exception of rugby). I didn't understand most of what I saw, but I detected elements of football, rugby, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. We had such a great time cheering on the Collingwood Magpies, even though they came up short at the end against the St. Kilda Saints.

After the game, we spent a couple of lovely hours enjoying the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens, near our hotel. It is fall here, and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. The kids came up with a baseball-type game (to round out our sporting experience), using sticks and pinecones. Meanwhile, Jeff and I enjoyed the stunning local flora and fauna and the beautiful weather.

One our way to the football game,
we came across this photo-worthy cafe.

Ready for the first bounce

The official Collingwood cheering section
(I really loved those huge pompoms!)

A Collingwood kick

Magpie Mascot

Exchanging words (and punches!)

Not matter the sport, no matter the country,
snacks are one of the most important parts of any game.

A lively game of "Tag!" in the park

The park was full of these beautiful scarlet-chested parrots.

We also saw several sulphur-crested cockatoos.

Hey, batter, batter!

An impressive cathedral, very near our hotel

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