Thursday, April 07, 2016

Mt. Buninyong Winery

We spent the afternoon at the Mt. Buninyong Winery, a wacky, laid-back, kid-friendly place, in a beautiful location, specializing in port-style wines and wood-fired pizzas. We got there in time for lunch, and when the owner showed us to our table, he dropped off several metal disentanglement puzzles to keep us occupied. There were also other games, toys, and books scattered about for us to enjoy. Eventually, we turned our attention to food and ordered up a bread-and-dip appetizer and several pizzas. When we had consumed everything in sight, Jeff and I moved to the bar for a unique and extensive port tasting, while the kids remained happily at the table with games and desserts. The kids weren't ready to leave when it was time to go, but when we finally got them out the door, we stopped for a peek at the vines and found a handful of kangaroos hanging out, which was the perfect end to the day.

Quirky outdoor decor

A laid-back winery


Indoor decor


Wood-fired pizza

Kangaroos in the vines

Mount Buninyong Winery

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