Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frankston Fun

We drove down to Frankston today, taking advantage of the last day of our car rental to check out the beach and an awesome sand sculpting event. We ended up having a little cookout and doing a little shopping while we were there, as well. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time!

Frankston Beach

Working in a game of baseball while waiting on lunch

The gulls were trying to snatch our chicken off the grill.
Thankfully, the chicken patrol stepped in to keep them away. 

The theme of the sand sculpting event was "A Day at the Zoo"

Animals of North America

Animals of Australia, with an artistic twist

Animals of Asia

Animals of South America

Animals of the Arctic

European Animals

The "Out of Africa" display shows the animals escaping in great detail

Things were a little crazy at the No Rules Petting Zoo

Steampunk animals

Fanciful Creatures

In addition to the sand sculptures,
there were several other activities for the kids to enjoy.

One of Clay's main objectives for his upcoming birthday
has been to get his face painted. We don't know if that will be
a possibility on his actual birthday, so we took advantage of the
free face paintings being offered today at the sand sculpting event
 and ended up with a very happy boy, whose wish came true!

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