Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fitzroy Gardens and the Melbourne Museum

We spent most of the day yesterday at Fitzroy Gardens, a lovely large park, just down from our hotel. It also happens to be home to Australia's oldest building, Cook's Cottage, which was actually built in England in 1755 and later imported to Australia. (Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture.) We had our ball, frisbee, and boomerangs, plus grass, trees, and lots of room to run around. A good time was had by all!

It was rainy this morning, so we decided to visit the Melbourne Museum, where we saw an IMAX movie about dinosaurs and then spent the rest of the day fascinated by the different exhibits--everything from dino bones to rocks and minerals to insects to the human mind and body to the history of Melbourne. The younger guys also spent some time working on their own engineering projects, with Legos and magnetic blocks in the fun children's area. It was quite an enjoyable day, and we didn't leave until we were forced to, at closing time. By then, the weather was all cleared up and we were able to enjoy another nice park, just outside the museum, before heading off in search of a local burger joint for dinner.

I spent several pleasant hours on that bench yesterday!

Fitzroy Gardens is full of impressively large fig trees

I believe both the ball and frisbee were in use at the same time during this game

So many things to throw!

Unique flora

Swinging and climbing and having a ball!

3D Dino movie

Primitive weapons

He's worth his weight in gold!

Bugs, bugs, bugs

A display depicting Australia's coat of arms

Little builder 


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