Friday, April 22, 2016

Down Under

Internet has been rather elusive for us in OZ, but good times have been easy to come by. Since leaving Hamilton Island almost a week ago, we have been making our way down the east coast, staying in very large houses, in very small towns, in some incredibly scenic locations. We have spent some time sightseeing and some time just lounging around wherever we happen to be calling home. We even got to spend a lovely day with one of my friends from high school and her family as we made our way to Sydney today. We really love Australia and can't believe our time here is almost at an end. 

Our lovely and enormous house and yard in Charlotte Bay

The kids would have been happy with just a yard,
but the trampoline was definitely the icing on the cake!

The Cartwheel King

We took a wonderful little hike up to the Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Redneck Port

This little guy was showing off for us at the Blackbutt Reserve in Newcastle

So excited to pet the bearded dragon

New friends and new foods

This goanna lizard is not a permanent resident at the wildlife reserve
but just moseyed in looking for a snack and caused quite a stir. 

The ANZAC walk on ANZAC weekend
(ANZAC Day is similar to our Veteran's Day and will be celebrated in OZ on Monday)

Enjoying the beautiful day and trying not to blow away

Such a fun reunion with a friend I've known since
9th grade and haven't seen in ten years

We were thrilled to see a pod of dolphins as we walked along the coast

The Merewether Ocean Baths

So much fun exploring the rock pools

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