Monday, May 02, 2016

Catching up on Christchurch

Our internet has been pretty spotty the last few days, and when I have been online, my attention has been devoted elsewhere. But, we are all still alive and well and are having a great time in Christchurch. We have been enjoying the fall days, eating our way through some recommended local foods, and spending lots of time at the playground around the corner. 

One day, the boys got to participate in the local little league's rugby practice, which they loved, and which was pretty entertaining to watch. On Saturday, we explored the offerings of the farmer's market and lingered in the lovely park in which it was set up. That day we also visited a funky little shopping mall made entirely of containers, which came into being after a fairly major earthquake destroyed the more permanent mall in 2011. Yesterday was Jeff's half-birthday, and he chose to wander around in a nearby wine region. Few of the places we planned to visit were open, but we found some lovely surprises and had a wonderful time. We really love New Zealand and are looking forward to exploring more of the country in the next few weeks.

Our cozy little Christchurch cottage, built in 1925

We don't normally keep our kitchen stocked with quite so much junk food,
but one website recommended that we try these typical NZ snacks, so we decided
to ignore everything we know about sugar and just go for it!
(We do have two local fruits in the picture, if that counts for anything. )

I'd love to tell you that the ball sailed across the pitch after this stellar kick,
but, the truth is, it barely went three feet. 

The Watts Boys conspiring about how to get a try (goal)

A serene setting for a farmer's market

Re: START, a shopping mall made entirely of containers

Enjoying his last few days of being under 5

The Melton Estate

We aren't usually white wine drinkers, but we had to try the local fare.
(There was one red in the tasting, plus we've been enjoying some
NZ fortified wines, aka port, in the privacy of our own home.) 

We love wineries where there is something for everyone!

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  1. Hokey Pokey ice cream is the BEST!!! I only had it recently for the first time. I didn't realise it was a NZ thing!


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