Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wellington Waterfront

We spent the day at the Wellington Waterfront and had a great time. We first visited the Underground Market, where we enjoyed looking at all the wares on offer and eating some good old-fashioned international street food. We were actually surprised we didn't get kicked out since, not once but twice, we knocked down folding screens between booths. We're definitely leaving our mark on the world.

After lunch, we walked around for a while, taking in the sights, and eventually found ourselves at the Frank Kitts park, where the boys disappeared into the wonderful playground and weren't seen again (figuratively speaking) until the sun was going down. I put in a little time at the playground but then kept wandering around the waterfront until I found the free-to-enter Wellington Museum. Later, Ruth and I visited a little coffee shop in an effort to escape the cold. On our way back to the parking garage we accidentally happened upon the Wellington Night Market. We didn't see any of the crazy things we saw at the night market in Beijing, but it was a fun atmosphere, with lots of international offerings.

My favorite sight of the day was this seagull with his sea star snack

Another of the world's awesome playgrounds

It was fun to watch the helicopter tours take off and land from one of the docks

The rowing club was out practicing

And, there were plenty of sailboats, too

Lots of fun sculptures along The Waterfront

A wealth of seafaring history in the Wellington Museum

The view across the harbor

My little monkeys

Fountain + Art

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