Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day and Merino

We started buying our travel clothes for this trip almost two years ago. Many of the things we bought were made from merino wool, due to the versatility of that particular fabric. Several of the items we bought came with codes, which allowed us to trace our garments back to the farms in New Zealand that produced the wool. One of the farms turned out to be catering to tourists by allowing them to come to the farm for education and fun. I knew right away that we needed to visit "our" sheep and began planning to make that happen. What I did not know was that the day of our visit would fall on Mother's Day. (I actually only realized this happy coincidence yesterday, when Jeff asked if I planned it that way.) It was such a fun way to spend the day! We took a steamboat from Queenstown over to the farm, where we got to feed the sheep and other farm animals, have afternoon tea, watch a sheep dog in action, see a shearing, observe a spinning demonstration, and enjoy the beautiful farm and the beautiful day.

When we were back in Queenstown, we shopped in the cute little shops and wandered up and down the wharf. Jeff bought me a beautiful pair of opal earrings, and the kids surprised me with a lovely New Zealand paua shell necklace. And then, they all conspired to take me out to dinner at a fantastic lakeside restaurant. My people are awesome people, and I'm so thankful for all of them!

My Mother's Day was wonderful, and I sincerely hope that all of you mothers who read this blog also had/have a fantastic day! Mothering is hard work and is often a thankless job. But, I hope today, at least, you feel loved, and appreciated, and valuable, because you are. And, even if no one else tells you that, I want you to hear it from me. Happy Mother's Day!

You know this guy isn't going to pass up a chance for a photo with a giant kiwi!

The TSS Earnslaw

We're all wearing merino here!

Feeding the red deer stag

Feeding and petting

Loving on Sprite the Sheepdog, while she wasn't working

This big guy was quite friendly and eager for some treats

Afternoon tea

Mother's Day roses

Now Sprite is all business

Ready for shearing

Spinning wool into yarn

Gorgeous Lake Wakatipu

I'm so thankful to be called "Mom" by these amazing people!

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