Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two castles and a museum...and everything in between

This morning, Mom and Max and I hopped up and headed over to Edinburgh Castle to have a little look around, while everyone else slept in and took the morning at a slower pace. We got there before most of the tour groups and crowds and were able to wander around at our leisure. We had such a great time!

We made it back to the apartment around lunch time and had a quick bite to eat, before heading out again. Mom and I explored the part of the Royal Mile that our tour didn't cover yesterday, while Jeff and the kids took off in the direction of The National Museum of Scotland, where Mom and I later met them.

We picked up KFC for dinner and then feverishly packed up all our belongings in preparation for our early departure tomorrow. Edinburgh has been a blast, and I'm so glad we got to spend some time in this lovely city!

The outside of the Edinburgh University School of Divinity...

...And, just inside the front gate.

I had so much fun exploring Edinburgh Castle with these two!

The Mons Meg is a 6 ton canon that could, at one time, launch
one of those huge cannonballs about 2 miles!

Looking down on the city from the castle, toward Calton Hill and the Forth.

A tribute to Sir Walter Scott

So much to discover at The National Museum of Scotland

Fun at the museum

Clay was very excited to find Mr. X at the museum.
(Mr. X is a character from a story Jeff made up to tell the kids.)

Holyrood Palace:
The Queen's official residence in Scotland

Seen on the Royal Mile, at a restaurant called Oink

Also seen on the Royal Mile--
I don't even know what to say about this!

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