Saturday, October 17, 2015

Date Day

Jeff and I had another opportunity to go out today. We're feeling so spoiled! Our first stop was the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, where we saw a very fun play called Improbable Fiction. After the show, we walked along the Tummel River, down to the dam and salmon ladder. The salmon weren't on the move, but it was still very cool to see. From there, we drove over to what remains of Birnam Wood, of Macbeth fame, which was an appropriate stop, since we just finished listening to the book this morning with the family. There we saw the Birnam Oak, a several century-year-old oak tree, which is said to have given Shakespeare his inspiration for the Birnam Wood scene in the play. It stands more than 90 feet high, has a 24-foot diameter, and is truly majestic to behold. Next to it stands the "Young Pretender," which is a 300 year old sycamore tree. Both trees are absolutely beautiful, to say nothing of the surrounding wood and the River Tay running along beside it. A short drive brought us to The Hermitage, where we were able to take a nice walk through the autumn-outfitted woods and along the river, to yet another spectacular Scottish waterfall. We made it back to our car just as the sun was going down and then drove over to the Logierait Inn for a fantastic dinner. It was a wonderful afternoon, and we are so thankful we got to slip away for a while.

On the drive to Pitlochry

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

The Tummel River

Pitlochry Dam and Salmon Ladder

Birnam Oak

A beautiful walk in The Hermitage

Black Linn Waterfall

The Logierait Inn, est. 1710

We're sort of addicted to the sticky toffee pudding!

Meanwhile, the kids had a date with Nana here in Kenmore. 

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