Thursday, October 08, 2015

Highland Folk Museum

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, so we walked over to the Highland Folk Museum this afternoon, which is an open air museum, delivering snapshots of bygone days (between the 1700s and the 1930s) in the form of a charming little antique village. In addition to the fascinating old buildings and artifacts, there is also a fantastic playground and stunning scenery. We stayed until until they closed and had such a great time!

The "tiny house movement" used to just be a way of life

We loved the bed in a box!

Pretend I'm sending all of you a postcard
from this charming little letter box.

What stories could these bags tell?!

The one-room school house

Max got to hold a real wooly mammoth tooth.

Playground fun for everyone

Weston was so proud of the the shinty ball Nana bought him in the gift store.

Even big kids enjoy a day of play!

This little guy explored every surface of the playground.

Finding a balance

The gorgeous Scottish Highlands

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