Friday, October 09, 2015

A Change of Location

We drove from Newtonmore, Scotland to Kenmore, Scotland today, through some truly beautiful country. Our new house sits just up the road from Loch Tay and has fantastic views all the way around, especially from the wonderful conservatory in the back. After we unloaded, had a cup of tea with the landlady, decided who would sleep where, and had lunch, we decided to drive over to Aberfeldy to do some grocery shopping and sightseeing. It is a lovely little town, filled with very old stone buildings, housing numerous charming shops, restaurants, and hotels. We are looking forward to exploring the area more during our stay.

A beautiful drive through the Scottish Highlands

Kenmore House

The view from our conservatory

A female pheasant sitting on our fence

Her hubby strutting around in the neighbor's yard

The lovely floral display outside The Station House hotel in Aberfeldy

The Palace Hotel in Aberfeldy

Three Lemons Restaurant in Aberfeldy

The River Tay, running through Aberfeldy

A sneak peek at Loch Tay, just down the street from our house

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