Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scottish Crannog Centre

Our landlady had recommended we visit the historic Crannog Centre while we were here, and then we found out that they were having a Fruit and Fungi Festival today, and we were sold--because who's ever been to a festival celebrating mushrooms?! A crannog is a type of ancient loch dwelling, found throughout Scotland and Ireland and dating back about 2,500 years. But what it is, really, is an overwater bungalow, and I am all about the overwater bungalow, as my husband can attest from many years of me begging him to take me to one. There were so many cool demonstrations of ancient practices going on, and lots of yummy things to taste. Inside the crannog, we got to grind barley into flour, help make butter, and make bannock bread over the fire. We got to sample the bread, as well as some homemade cheese and some beer made from an ancient recipe. Back on the bank, we learned how to use an Iron Age lathe, drill, and saddle quern (for grinding barley). We also found out how to make weights from stones, thread from wool, cider from apples, and fire from friction. We also got to taste some cider, wild mushroom stew, lamb stew, and homemade bread with honey. We had such a wonderful time and learned so much!

Lake dwellers get cold and need warm hats

The Crannog

Grinding barley

Making butter

The outdoor bread oven

Wild Mushroom and Barley Stew

Grinding apples for cider

While most of us were watching the fire demonstration,
this one snuck off to the sample table, where he was
blissfully happy trying the homemade bread. 

Grinding barely on the saddle quern

Attempting to drill a hole in a stone with the Iron Age drill

Trying to start a fire

More barley grinding

Learning to use the bow lathe

Woodworking Watts

 View of Kenmore from the crannog on Loch Tay

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