Saturday, October 24, 2015


In all the hullaballoo of the wreck yesterday, I neglected to give a proper update about our whereabouts. We left Northern Ireland yesterday morning and passed into Ireland (a whole other country), without the least bit of fanfare. No passport control. No border patrol. No drama whatsoever, until the wreck, which occurred three miles from our destination, which happens to be in the loveliest bit of the middle of nowhere you can imagine. The owner of the place we are staying discovered a month or two ago that they had overbooked, so they offered us their larger property, which was available for the dates we requested, at no extra charge. This place is amazing! First of all, it's a huge four bedroom, two bath house, with a full-size kitchen, two eating areas, and a washer and dryer. And, second, IT LOOKS OUT ON THE ATLANTIC OCEAN! And not just a sliver of it, but practically the whole ocean. The couch is super-comfy and offers stunning panoramic views, so we immediately declared we wouldn't move from there, except to eat in the all-glass dining area off the kitchen, the whole time we are here. This has been pretty close to true, though we did take a little walk through the "neighborhood" this afternoon. I wish we were staying longer than just the two nights, but I'm so thankful for this gorgeous and restful stop!
(You can click on the collages to enlarge the images.)

We drove through Connemara National Park yesterday on our way here.
(The last picture shows the place where our wreck occurred.)

Our lovely Irish cottage

The panorama view from our eating area and living room

A lovely walk through the neighborhood
(You can just see the roof of our house in the larger photo, in the top right)

It's a blessed life!

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