Monday, October 12, 2015

On a Monday

After announcing the winner for my travel journal giveaway and completing a morning of school (despite several people having a bad case of the Mondays), it was time to go exploring. Ruth had scheduled a two-hour pony trek with the local stable, so we dropped her off and then went looking for adventure. We took a nice little hike up to a beautiful waterfall and then drove around looking for a miniature Stonehenge-type structure we read about online, which we finally found in what seemed to be someone's private yard. That did not keep us from taking pictures, though we did stop short of unloading everyone from the car and climbing over the fence, because we're cultured like that.

When we got home, we put together soft tacos for dinner, which we have to do from time to time for a little taste of home. After dinner, we listened to the first part of Macbeth, while my mom, a former high school English teacher, intermittently delivered a fantastic literature lesson. When we got to a good stopping place in the book, we took advantage of our first really clear night, in what will be our northernmost location for our entire trip, for an astronomy lesson and part one of an experiment with the North Star. (Part two will take place when we are located as near the equator as this trip will take us.) All in all, it was a wonderful day!

Amazing view of Loch Tay and the mountains beyond

Up, up, up we go!

Entering Hermit's Cave

Nana and the boys at Achan Falls

Achan Falls

More Falls Fun

My boys

It's easier going down than coming up!

Croft Moraig

My statue lover was snoozing in the car,
but I snapped a pic for him anyway.

Old stables, turned guesthouse

The proud pony trekker

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