Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Horsing Around

This afternoon, we went over to a local riding school, where Ruth had scheduled a jumping lesson for herself. Max and Clay have been begging to get to ride horses, too, so we scheduled a short beginner's ride for them, as well. (But, not Weston, because horses really aren't his thing, and he preferred to sit in the car and read his book.) Everyone was perfectly happy and had so much fun! And, I have to tell you, Clay is absolutely the cutest little horseman I have ever seen! The helmet made him look like a bobblehead, and his little legs just barely stretched over the back of his little pony, Timmy. He was all smiles as he bounced around like a ragdoll out in the arena, and he chatted non-stop with the girl leading him around.

Taking Rupert up and over

Getting the reins just right

Max and Spot, making the rounds

As we were leaving, Clay said,
"Today was my first time to ride a horse!
When do you think will be my next time?"

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