Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We had another fabulous outing today! We made the beautiful 26 mile drive to the very south end of Loch Tay, to the adorable little town of Killin. We exulted in the unique and spectacular Falls of Dochart, visited an old water mill, wandered around the quaint village, and played on the fantastic playground. It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

The drive along the lake was absolutely breathtaking!
This photo doesn't do it justice!

The Dochart River, all dressed up for fall 
The entrance to the ancient burial ground of Clan Macnab

Nana and the kiddos at the Falls of Dochart

Dochart Bridge

Family Fun

A picture of the two of us not taken with a cell phone at arm's length

The water was so very cold!

The water mill

Clay has been somewhat disappointed with the statue selection in Scotland,
and he has informed us that he doesn't care for wooden statues at all.
So, he was happy to find a "real" wolf statue in Killin.

Mr. Big, at one of the most beautiful playgrounds we have ever visited

Oh, happy day!

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