Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"The Temple of Baths"

We are staying in Mako, Hungary, and just around the corner from our apartment is an amazing Hungarian thermal bath house, Hagymatikum ("The Temple of Baths"), where we spent the day today. I am not usually a fan of swimming pools because 1.) I don't enjoy getting my head wet 2.) I cannot voluntarily subject myself to that kind of cold, regardless of the outside temperature and 3.) I don't love the smell of chlorine. But, what I learned today is that if you increase the temperature of the water to that of a bath, remove the chlorine smell, keep it all at or below chest level and plop the whole thing down in a beautiful and architecturally interesting building, I actually kind of like it.

The Temple of Baths

gazebo outside the bath house

inside the gazebo

such a restful place

loving the warm pools

There were three large pools inside. This is the view looking across one of them.

The kids enjoyed the cave, with all it's lights and spraying water and echoes.

This is the view from the upper balcony.
That round pool in the middle was turned into a whirlpool every half hour,
and the swimmers could swirl around in it.
It was, without a doubt, the kids' favorite feature. 

looking up

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