Saturday, May 30, 2015

Retezat National Park

Since yesterday was Ruth's birthday, we let her pick the agenda for the day, after an amazing breakfast provided by our hosts. She requested that we go hiking, so we made the short drive over to Retezat National Park, following instructions like, "just drive until the pavement runs out and then park your car and hike from there." We found ourselves in the Carpathian Mountains, on a gorgeous day, and we had a wonderful time hiking, watching a brilliant display of shepherding and having a picnic on the summit of one of the more manageable hills.

Our host family provided another homemade local specialty for dinner last night, and their fifteen-year-old daughter made Ruth a birthday cake, which was delicious and a very fun surprise.

homemade pitas and mushroom omelets--it's what's for breakfast

homemade bread, fresh cucumbers, and milk from the neighbor's cow
(The cucumbers were a new, but delightful, addition to our breakfast table,
especially when paired with the homemade dill cream cheese.) 

The lovely Carpathian Mountains

near the beginning of the trail

the birthday beauty

our fearless leader 

Two Flocks Coming Together
(It was absolutely fascinating to watch the dogs and shepherds work.
It became fascinating after it was slightly terrorizing, when we happened
upon the lower flock by accident and the dogs charged at us, barking like crazy,
before we realized our folly and headed off in a different direction.)

A Great Picnic Spot
(Clay is still a little wary of the sheep dogs in this pic
and doesn't want to take his eyes off them.) 

our lunchtime view

...and the view continues

our little mountain climbers

happy hikers

birthday cake makes it official


  1. Super fun day with super fun people!!! Most unique birthday ever!

  2. What amazing views!!! Looks like the perfect place to turn 13!


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